Convert your devices into Thin Clients!


Stratodesk has been a specialist in “thin” endpoints for years – all our products are centered around VDI – Virtual Desktop Infrastructure. Our primary product and core competency, NoTouch Desktop™, is a hardware agnostic operating and management environment for Server Based Computing / Virtual Desktop / Terminal Services / Remote Desktop environments. We complement server-side solutions from CitrixVMware, and others on the client side.


Industry leading VDI endpoint OS  and device management suite. Let’s you convert any existing x86 PC, Laptop or Thin Client into a fully featured VDI endpoint. Also add any new x86 devices or low cost endpoint  (Raspberry Pi, Intel NUC, Compute Stick e.a.) to your VDI device network for a cost-effective, secure end user computing experience, no matter what VDI solution you are using. Centralized administration solution to manage, configure and update the VDI device network included. The only administration solution that can manage X86 and ARM devices.