vSpace Pro Client


Whether its newer hardware that need access to Windows or those older computers that can’t run newer operating systems, all can find new life with vSpace PRO Client.

Bring a modern Windows desktop to your existing PC or Chromebook deployments with vSpace Pro Client. Once installed, connect to your vSpace Pro Server and enjoy a secure, modern Windows desktop without the expense of switching or upgrading hardware. vSpace Pro Client provides a high-performance PC experience to Chromebooks and PCs. Schools and businesses can leverage new investments in affordable Chromebooks, utilize existing PCs or bring their own devices in a secure, fully managed computing solution for all their Windows applications..


  • Access virtual desktops from any PC or Chromebook from anywhere with a LAN or WiFi connection
  • Increase the functionality and value of existing technology
  • Deliver a secure and seamless Windows desktop environment for all users, regardless of device
  • Reduce administration, upgrade and replacement costs
  • Enable schools and businesses to support a BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) policy