RX300 Thin Client

Ncomputing RX300 Thin Client

The RX300 is a cloud-ready thin client designed and optimized specifically for NComputing’s award-winning vSpace Pro desktop virtualizations, NComputing VERDE VDI and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services. RX300 features full-screen, full-motion HD multimedia playback with NComputing vCAST Streaming and support for Microsoft RemoteFX, WiFi connectivity, built-in transparent USB redirection with broad peripheral support, and optional access to Linux Raspbian OS managed by the IT admin.

The RX300 delivers a rich PC-like experience and provides a simple-to-deploy, centrally managed, high-performance virtual desktop, perfect for use in SMB and education.

Share one PC upto 100 users or more.
Use a mini stand alone PC
Low cost TCO
Supports MS Windows operating systems
Economic, Ergononomic, Green and Silent

RX300 Summary:

1920x 1200 Wide screen support by HDMI (VGA supports by convertor)
Wired, wireless and Bluetooth supports
Dual Monitor Support
USB 2.0 support(Memory stick,Printer,Card Reader, interactive board,Arduino,BBC Microbit, Touchscreens.)
Multimedia enhancement throught NComputing Vcast Streaming and MS REMOTEFX Support
It comes with Raspbian Linux OS and can be use as mini PC

1 device 3 options together

NComputing : share one OS up to 100 or more users
RDP :Microsoft Remote Desktop and Remote FX support
Raspberry Linux OS : MiniPC
CPU:Quad Core Cortex -A53 1.2 Ghz
Ram: 1GB
Storage : 8GB Flash
Connections : Wi-fi 802 11 b/g/n , Bluetooth 4,1
Resulation : 1920×1200 , Dual Display support by Ncomputing USB-HDMI,VGA-DVI adaptor)
Inputs: HDMI, High Speed 4 USB 2.0 , Hoparlör Mini-Jack , 10/100 Ethernet Port RJ-45
Sıze : Width: 76 mm / 3 inches, Depth: 93 mm / 3.7 inches, Height : 30 mm /1.2 inches
Power adaptor: 5.1 ADC(2,5 A)
Led lights:Power, Network, Network Status
Voice : 16 Bit/44Khz/Stereo
Operational Modes : NCompting /RDP/Raspbian Linux
Raspbian OS comes with browser,Libre office,Minecraft,Scratch, Python, Java and others
RX300 Demo: Video Performance
RX300 Demo: Applications